Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roundup - May 13/12 - I'm spending time with my family today, how about you?

- Excellent points raised in this article
- Assvengers?
- This is awesome
- Yup 
- a long time ago, in a galaxy trop près
- and because it's Mother's Day...

PS - Helmar is looking to reach 5000 fans on Facebook, and there will be prize-age involved.  They have a little contest among the DT to get people over there.  But since you all know, I don't do things the normal way... when you get there - DON'T tell them I sent ya.  Tell them that Erin Morehouse sent ya.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Today's list is AWESOME!!!! And I am packing today... no rest for this mama! lol! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Drycha said...

Piano Guys are awesome! TFS :D

Claude said...

I laughed so much at OMG WTF!