Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Good sort of mail

One Good Thing that happened today was that we got the sweetest little thank you note in the mail from our friends' kids, in regards to the visit (see Saturday, Oct 20) at out place. How cute is that!?!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day at home

Liam was sick today, and I think I'm catching his cold. But the One Good Thing about today was that I got to spend the day with him.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Deadlines met

One Good Thing that happened today was that I met several scrapbooking deadlines without scrambling. It's nice to have a little breathing room!

Just in Time (Saturday, Oct 27)

Tonight we went out to dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, Bombay Choupati. Yummy! Liam ate so well - he tried everything mommy was having, and he asked for more. I love that he's finally starting to eat more of the Indian food, because we love that restaurant.

One Good Thing that happened was in regards to a power outage. Now, I would never call a power outage good - I did live through the 1998 Montreal Ice Storm - but the good thing was the timing. We had just left the restaurant. And I mean just. We were lucky to have a chance to finish our meal. I feel bad for the folks who had just sat down and ordered though.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sushi makes me happy!

I love Sushi. One of my all time favorite foods. Who would have thought I would prefer fish raw, rather than cooked?

I had sushi for lunch today. Not the fancy stuff, the el cheapo food court variety. Still made me happy, though!

One Good Thing was that when I walking into the sushi place, they were just putting out a fresh batch of combos in the cooler. Fresh sushi is always better.

You've Got Mail! (Thursday, Oct. 25)

One Good Thing that happened today was all the cool stuff that came in the mail. Got my ebay auction goodies (for André), got my mail order of scrapping supplies (loving my new Basic Grey!), AND got some scrapbooking goodies that I won in some challenges.

I love that kind of mail!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Place in Round 3!

Late Monday they posted the results for Round 3 of the 2 Croppin Cousinz Tricks & Treats Tournament. I got First Place this week! That puts me in position #2 overall, so I've got a chance. The tournament is pretty close - there are a number of scrappers who could take it - it will come down to who places first in Round 4, I think.

The Round 3 challenge was to do a layout with Texture. Now, with my costuming experience, I'm all about the texture, so I jumped right in. Here's my winning entry:

And here's a close-up of some of the details:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

One Good Thing today: My fortune cookie said "A change for the better will happen soon".

OK, sounds good. Bring it on - I could use some 'better'.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Saturday, Oct 20, 2007

Today was a great day. We got to spend the afternoon / evening with friends whom we do not see nearly often enough. André & Josée and their two children came to visit us, and my André lead all the kids on a wild Scooby-doo-esque 'mystery' with monsters & smoke and mayhem, complete with the unmasking of the monster at the end.

They had a ball - my husband is such a big kid sometimes. :)

The WereWolf:

The unmasking:

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kit Challenge Win

One Good Thing that happened to me today was the announcement, on one of my favorite scrapbooking sites, that I won the Kit Challenge. For this challenge we were all provided the same supplies and had to create a layout. It was really neat to see the wide variety of pages that were all created with the same set of supplies. The participants voted after the challenge, and my layout won!

Here's the page in question, and here's a link to the forum on 'Paws On Scrapbooking', where you can read about the challenge, and see the kit that was supplied.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today there was no mail. That means no bills. :)

There were also no phone calls all evening at home. That means no telemarketers. :D

One Good Thing is that I just resisted the urge to rant about all the telemarketers that call my house. Wow! (It would have been a really long rant, too... with big words. And insults. Maybe even big-worded insults.)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kindess of Strangers

One Good Thing that happened today occurred during my (far too) regular Starbucks pilgrimage.

First off, not only did I manage to get Liam from the car seat into the stroller without waking him (which is quite the trick, let me tell you...), but he continued to nap through my entire coffee break. Good for me, because I got a little quiet time to just sit and think and enjoy my coffee. Good for Liam, because he really needed the nap (late night, last night).

Here's the cool thing: there were no empty tables, so a lady offered to share hers with me. So nice!

The cooler thing: someone else had noticed me looking for a table, and when he was leaving, he let me know ahead of time, so that I could get the table before someone else.

'Small things', you might say, but small things like this brighten my day and make me smile. So I'll take all the 'small things' sent my way - with gratitude.

Old Friends

Got home way too late last night to post, so here is my One Good Thing for Saturday:

Yesterday we went to a local convention and unexpectedly ran into a dear old friend. We had not seen Gregory in 3 years, and it was soooo nice to see him again and catch up.

BTW - Gregory takes wicked cool pictures - check out his website.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Coffee Break

One Good Thing that happened to me today is that I had DH for company on my coffee break today. He got off work early, so I picked him up on my way to Starbucks, and then he dropped me off at the office (so that he could have the car for the rest of the afternoon).

The only thing nicer than having Starbucks on my coffee break, is sharing it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Retail Therapy

One Good Thing that happened to me today is that I was able to go shopping at a local scrapbook store where everything was 45% off.

I love it when Retail Therapy is on sale.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today I wore fabulous, pointy, leopard-print shoes.

The One Good Thing about these shoes is that, not only would they make Stacey London proud, but they make me three inches taller. Love that.

Featured Layout and English School Boards...

Well, before I look for something good that happened today, I wanted to share a couple of Good Things that happened on the weekend.

On Friday, one of my scrapbook layouts was selected to be the featured layout of the week, on the storefront webpage of one of my favorite scrapbooking sites.

(Edited Oct. 12/07)

They have already changed to the following week's layout, so I've included it here:

On Sunday, I had an even better thing happen. I finally found out that Liam is eligible for the English school board. Yay! For those of you not from Quebec, this is a big deal. A really big deal. If you are not eligible, you have to go to a French school, no ifs, ands or buts. Legal battles have been fought (and lost) over this issue. Why is it a big deal to me? Well, aside from the obvious fact that my French language skills are less than stellar, the only bilingual public schools are in the English school board, and we want to send Liam to a bilingual school. I’m very happy about this. Very.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

And So It Begins...

I was going call this Blog "Ihateeverybody" or "dailyrant". But there are two problems with that: a) I don't feel like drawing attention from the RCMP just because I'm having a bad day, and b) I already have a problem with negativity - do I really need to compound that?

I'm pessimistic by nature, no idea really why that is, but it's not healthy for me. I need to start looking at things in a more positive manner. Therefore, this is going to be my place to talk about at least One Good Thing that happened today. It could be a small thing (the sun came out), it could be a big thing (I won the lottery - don't laugh, it might happen. OK, it probably won't, but you get the idea).

I can't guarantee that I won't post the occasional epic-length essay on the travesty that is the Quebec driver, and why the highway signs here suck, but I'll try to keep those to a minimum. :)

Oh yeah, I want to hear about your Good Things, too. Leave me comments - let me live vicariously through your happy moments... LOL!