Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Road Trip mini-album (part 2)

Here's the rest of my mini-album that I made with the September kit from Crazy Daisy Kits.

I continued to be 'heavy-handed' with the "Tattered Leather" glimmer mist on the pages in the album. On this particular one I added some of the Basic Grey rub-ons from the kit. I think they almost look like they were part of the paper.

Transparent pages are always an interesting challenge. You see the pages behind - but I kinda like that effect.

Finally got to dip my baby's toes in the Atlantic. I miss living on the coast.

I love a sunset over the water.

I wasn't expecting to see these scottish thistles on the path down to the beach, but they were beautiful and I couldn't resist snapping a few pics. The photos don't do the colours justice (I was loosing the light).

While we were on our trip, my baby girl turned 1 year old! We had a party for her with the family. She liked the balloons and the wrapping paper...

... she wasn't a fan of the cake. This page is actually an envelope, and I'm going to put some souvenirs from the party inside.

We don't normally get hurricanes this far north. Just our luck - Hurricane Bill was supposed to make landfall while we were there. It ended up moving a little further off the coast, so we just got a lot of rain and wind. Rhys was fascinated with it.

Mmmm... ice cream. Liam loved it (as usual). Rhys refused to try it - which led me to ponder if she was really my child...

Dinner out with my Mom and brother. All those glasses in front of her? Water - I swear.

(It's really all about the food with us, can't you tell?)


Jackie said...

I LOVE what you did with this mini :)

Danielle said...

great job! i can't wait to play with mist more..I only have 2 colors right now!

Kaytee said...

This is a great album! I love that picture of Rhys by the window/door. Great shot!

Eliane said...

Wow ! I just love the end result JJ! You made this kit so "you".

Great DT succesfull creation my friend. You rock !