Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday card in a rush - let's see what's in the scrap bag?

Ever have one of those holy-crap-I-forgot-I-needed-a-birthday-card-for-today-and-I'm-1200kms-from-my-scrap-supplies moments?  Happens to me more often than I care to mention, and I'm not even joking about the 1200kms.  (This time around, the birthday gal was my 'tween niece).

When I visit my mom, I bring some scrappy stuff.  Turned out to be a good thing... On this particular trip, all I had with me were washi tapes, a couple sheets of letter stickers, a 12x12 ziplock of random scraps, and a 4x6 ziplock of random embellishments so old I didn't care if they got lost en route.  (OK - I'd also had a few sheets of BG cardstock, but I'd already used them).

Literally grabbed whatever in the bag matched and started on the card.  The old (very old) file folder was a happy find in the bag - I'm surprised it hadn't got purged before this.  Matched the Lily Bee scraps perfectly!  I luckily had a bunch of black embellishments (because they match everything!), and threw those on as well. 

Of course, now I owe Mom a new sewing machine needle, because I trashed one - it's never going to work on fabric at this point.  :P  (sorry Mom!)

PP, letters - Lily Bee
file folder - K & Co (I think - it's older than dirt)
random brads and doodads

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is fun! LOVING the colors and the file folder!!!!