Saturday, March 27, 2010

Posca Metalic Markers

Have you tried Posca Markers? Today I'll be showing you a few things you can do with these great markers, specifically the metalic ones. But all of these techniques will also work with the regular Posca markers as well.

As expected, these markers work beautifully on cardstock and paper.

They are even fantastic on black and other dark colours.

They work amazingly well on glossy chipboard, too!

Posca markers can also be used on many other surfaces, including glass, ceramic, metal and acrylic. They are ideal for journaling and decorating acrylic albums and embellishments:

One of the special qualities of these markers is that they can easily be removed from non-porous surfaces. They are smudgeproof when dry so they will last on acrylic, but you can experiment without worrying about ruining your project. Because if you need to remove it, all it takes is water and a paper towel!

So that means you can have fun with things like this:

decorating your kid's juice glass on a special day. After the meal, toss it in the dishwasher, and the marker is gone. (Just don't use the marker on parts of the glass where food or mouths will touch it). This would also be a fun way to leave a birthday message on the bathroom mirror!

How about decorating a coffee mug or ceramic coaster? Try with templates:

or free-hand:

But what if you did all that work, and love it enough to keep it? You guessed it - you can turn these markers permanent on the ceramic! I did a few experiments, and what worked best was this:
  • place mug in cold oven
  • heat oven to 350F
  • cook for 45 minutes
  • turn off oven, and leave mug to cool in the oven (I left it overnight)
After this process, I could safely hand wash the mug, and not ruin the design. (I would not recommend dishwasher though).

This would be a fun way to make custom coasters with your kids - let them do the art!

I hope you will be inspired to try some of these Posca markers!

Matérials / Supplies:
marquers à peinture / paint markers - Uni Posca Metallic extra fine tip (vert/green, rose/pink), Uni Posca extra fine tip (white)
gabarit / template - Crafters' Workshop "Capricious"

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