Monday, June 29, 2009

There & Back Again

Did you know that the main kit every month from Crazy Daisy Kits comes with a mini-book? June's kit was no exception, in fact, the mini-book was a Crazy Daisy exclusive!

Pictured above is the front cover, and below is the back cover. (If you recognize the quote I used for my title, please excuse me - I'm letting my geek show). The felt covers were fun to work with, and begged to be stitched. I removed the adhesive backing from the vinyl letters (so as not to gum up the sewing machine), and sewed them to the covers. I also machine stitched a few buttons.

For the theme of this album, I decided to make a book for my car, with all the directions I need for places I go. These directions were previously on a bunch of small pieces of paper in the dash, begging to be lost. Not very useful, and certainly an eyesore. I left out the important parts of the directions when I was photographing, to protect the 'innocent' (he he he).

(I've left out the destination before photographing, for the next one).

I used a bunch of different border punches on the edges of the pages. It was fun to give them all a little different look.

On the pages with lined patterned paper, it was easy to have a good place to write my directions, but some of the other pages, it wasn't so obvious. So, I made 'journaling spots' from the pre-printed note papers in the kit:

So, what will I do when I no longer need the directions to a location (friend has moved, or I've been there enough times that I've memorized the route)? That, my friend, is where my healthy (overflowing / obsessive) collection of journaling spots comes in. Very easy to glue a new card over the old directions, and I can continue to use this book for a long time to come!


Jessica said...

Thats very pretty JJ! Much nicer than a GPS!

Claude said...

What, you couldn't paper-piece a Hobbit for your cover? ;)

This is an amazing book, I love that you used different border punches for the edges!

Heather said...

Such a great idea - I love all the stitching!