Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photo-a-day, October 4

What I had on the table at Starbucks, in Chapters. Can you tell I was sketching LO ideas? Yeah, the caffeine helps a lot. :)

Of course, now you know why I don't post beautiful sketches on-line. They all look like this:

And yes, the stickers added by Liam are an important part of my creative process. :P


barb said...

I love the top photo... and yes, I can relate to the bottom one. My sketches are pretty much the same as yours. Done in rough and translated straight to the page without any "cleaning up." lol

Jessica said...

I had a feeling that you were at Chapters! And then I read that I was right.
Yesterday I went to the Chapters here in good ol Windsor, I thought of you! But no Starbucks, I dont drink coffee. I did come away with three books on sale.