Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great bargains

Today I went shopping at a lovely little shop in Pointe Claire Village. This store carries some of the high-end, fancy baby & children’s clothes, and I normally wouldn’t even step in the door, because of the potential sticker shock. But in their basement they have a consignment shop, with high quality used children’s clothing. I have found some real treasures here for Liam in the past - sometimes the clothes still have the original store tags - they’ve never been worn!. So, I wanted to check out what they had today for little girl clothes.

Jackpot - I found some great items, some which looked like they were almost never worn (you could tell they’d been washed, but there was no wear on them at all). Now granted, my little one won’t be big enough for some of these things for a couple years, but they were completely adorable, and the prices were a steal, so I couldn’t resist.

1 comment:

Claude said...

Don't you just love little girls' clothes?!

I should go there sometimes. Is it for kids or just babies?