Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Storm

Today there was a severe low pressure weather system in the Montreal area. There were reports of funnel clouds, very high winds, and lots & lots of rain. More than one large transport truck was blown over on it’s side on the Champlain bridge (a major bridge in the Montreal area). The south shore was hit hardest, with a lot of damage from blown down trees. There were also a lot of people out of power.

Even with all of this wild weather, no one was seriously injured. And for this I am grateful. There easily could have been many tragedies.

I am also grateful that the area in which we live did not experience the full brunt of this storm. We have many old trees on our property, and any number of them could have been blown down onto our house (it’s happened before). I feel lucky that we had no such damage this time.

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Claude said...

Really, there was another storm?! Nothing here, just some rain.