Thursday, January 24, 2008

3rd Time's the Charm

One Good Thing that happened this week is that I managed to hit the gym three times, which is my goal. So I'm feeling pretty good about that!

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Anonymous said...

JJ! I am so happy to hear that you are hitting the gym! I used to LOVE the gym. I get the 'tired but energized thing'. I also loved the cramps and tenderness associated with working out. Almost like a contant reminder that I was taking charge of my weight, my life and my health (NOW THAT prob sounds weird!) LOL Any way-just want you to know I am rooting for you. Keep it up-somedays are harder than others but you seem like you have a fighting spirit-I KNOW you'll do it! Maybe you will inspire me to get off my expanding backside and lose the weight (AGAIN! LOL)

YAY JJ!! WOOT!!! You go-Girlie!