Friday, November 30, 2007

Get your winter tires on!

Remember me mentioning that I bought new rims for my winter tires? Well, they aren't actually on my car yet. I couldn't get an appointment as early as I would have liked (I need to make an evening appointment, and those are a bit scarce these days).

At any rate, we got some more snow last night, when we needed to be out and about running errands. One Good Thing was that we didn't get into any accidents. The road was very slick & greasy with the new wet slushy snow. I almost hit someone at at a stop light. I started breaking waaaaaaay back and the car just wouldn't stop. I'm very grateful that there was no car in the lane next to us, because I had to steer into it to avoid hitting the truck ahead of me.

So, get your winter tires on.

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