Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kit Challenge Win

One Good Thing that happened to me today was the announcement, on one of my favorite scrapbooking sites, that I won the Kit Challenge. For this challenge we were all provided the same supplies and had to create a layout. It was really neat to see the wide variety of pages that were all created with the same set of supplies. The participants voted after the challenge, and my layout won!

Here's the page in question, and here's a link to the forum on 'Paws On Scrapbooking', where you can read about the challenge, and see the kit that was supplied.


Kristine said...

JJ Your layout ROCKS! So you certainly deserve a win!!

Bravo to you!
Keep up the great work... a guest position is in store for you soon ?!!!

Fleur-de-Lys said...

I didn't know you were blogging ! I sure add your blog to my list, JJ !

Isabelle said...

it looks great JJ, i really should go back to paws, haven't been there in a while. ooohhh! i just saw Kristine's message! that's awesome!