Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kindess of Strangers

One Good Thing that happened today occurred during my (far too) regular Starbucks pilgrimage.

First off, not only did I manage to get Liam from the car seat into the stroller without waking him (which is quite the trick, let me tell you...), but he continued to nap through my entire coffee break. Good for me, because I got a little quiet time to just sit and think and enjoy my coffee. Good for Liam, because he really needed the nap (late night, last night).

Here's the cool thing: there were no empty tables, so a lady offered to share hers with me. So nice!

The cooler thing: someone else had noticed me looking for a table, and when he was leaving, he let me know ahead of time, so that I could get the table before someone else.

'Small things', you might say, but small things like this brighten my day and make me smile. So I'll take all the 'small things' sent my way - with gratitude.

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Nicole Drewniak said...

Those small things are priceless, for sure! Glad to see you blogging the good stuff in life. :0)