Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maya Resist

This month for Mon Scrapbook, I got to work with a new product from Maya Road - Maya Resist. (Cette chronique est disponible en français chez Mon Scrapbook - ici). This is a liquid product for making your own masks, to be used with inks, paints, sprays, etc. It can be used on cardstock, patterned paper, and fabric such as the canvas mini albums from Maya Road.

Note - this product contains latex, so be careful if you have latex allergies.

It has a needle fine tip. In fact, the cap contains a needle to keep the tip from clogging between uses. Be sure to re-cap the bottle quickly after use, as it already started to clog in the few minutes I was taking these pictures. The product dries quickly.

The ultra fine tip allows for very detailed work, and can be used with small templates.

When first applied, the product has an opaque light blue colour:

And within 10 minutes it dries to a darker, more translucent blue.

Once the product is dry, you can begin to have fun with colour!

When your colour is dry, you can peel off the mask:

You'll notice that it didn't remove perfectly from this sample. I discovered that the Maya Resist really absorbed into the fabric, making it very hard to remove in places. I recommend if you want to use this on fabric, coat it first with a sealant.

On this sample, I first coated the fabric with Ranger Multi Medium (which dries clear and matte). The mask came off very easy for this one.

You can see different colours revealed here. To get this look, create your first mask, add colour, add another mask, then more colour. You can create layers with different colour combinations.

With this sample, I started by coating the fabric with acrylic paint:

Although I used Glimmer Mist with these first samples, you are not limited to using sprays with Maya Resist. You can use inks, paints, and pretty much any other colouring medium you may have in your scrapbooking supplies.

For this next sample, I used kraft cardstock, and Distress Ink. There are a couple of shades, because I did it in layers.

And this is with acrylic paint:

Notice with the Distress Ink sample and the paint sample, the cardstock looks torn. I discovered that the ink wasn't completely dry when I applied the Maya Resist, and it seemed to allow the product to penetrate further into the cardstock, making it hard to remove.

I highly recommend testing the Maya Resist on scraps (or even the back of your project) before going ahead with your designs. It works better with some papers than others.

It worked amazingly well on the textured Bazzill cardstock:

Another fun way to use the Maya Resist is with acrylic (or transparencies) and alcohol inks, which would make it ideal for use with acrylic mini-albums.

I hope this inspires you to try out the new Maya Resist!

Matérials / Supplies:
Maya Resist - Maya Road
canvas album - Maya Road
gabarit / template - Crafters Workshop
glimmer mist - Tattered Angels
encre / ink - Distress
encre à l'alcool / alcohol ink - Ranger
peinture / paint - Ranger
autre / other - acrylic, Ranger Multi Medium


Carol A said...

Great review! Thanks JJ!

Stephanie said...

This would be so much fun to work with!!! I'll have to order some :) Thanks for this JJ, what a great review!

Coleen said...

Hi JJ, Found you via Scrapscene. I learned something from your tut. Thanks for doing it. I"m following, maybe you can follow on mine too. I"m also featuring this on my Facebook fan page: vintageterrace2

sa said...

I saw this product in the store and was not sure it was something I would use, after seeing your tut I will be getting some and will start playing!! Thanks.

Kathryn said...

Ooohh...neat! Thanks for the product info, I might just have to try! :)