Thursday, May 22, 2008

Qui a peur du grand loup Garou??

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Even though I’m a bloke, and grew up in a very Anglophone area of Nova Scotia, I’ve long had a fascination with Francophone rock music, particularly from Quebec. As a teen in Truro I listened to Veronique Beliveau & Mitsou, among others.

Mitsou on Youtube
And some more...

In my twenties, when I moved to Québec, I found artists like Eric Lapointe and Jean LeLoup. I still listen to them, and have added artists like Bruno Pelletier, Kevin Parent & La Chicane to my collection.

Eric Lapointe (sorry, not a real video for this one)
Bruno Pelletier
Jean LeLoup
La Chicane

An artist that quickly became one of my favourites is Garou. His music career really shot into the stratosphere when he was picked to play the lead role of Quasimodo in the original production of Notre Dame de Paris. I have loved to listen to him sing ever since, and have bought all of his albums.

Imagine my surprise and delight to find his new album this week, and it’s in English! The first single is called “Stand Up!” and was written by Rob Thomas. Let me tell you - this is a great match for Garou’s voice and style. I really hope that Rob Thomas writes more songs for Garou.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this new album (and it’s a little easier for me to sing along this time, ha, ha!).

Garou "Stand Up"
Garou "Gitan"
And here for others. Enjoy!


Claude said...

I love Garou, but I haven't heard his songs in english. Gonna go check it out!

polinka said...

he's great!! I also like his music!!