Monday, July 27, 2009

Why do I have this feeling I'm being tested?

So, it's been a busy 18 hours here at my house. Let me share what my charming progeny has been up to.

- At around midnight last night, Rhys (yes, the 11-month-old), in addition to refusing to go to sleep, decided that it was the perfect time to rip the tab key off of my laptop keyboard.

- In case you were wondering - those keys do not just snap easily back in place.

- This morning, Rhys has started climbing. Her current goal is trying to get on top of Liam's little table. She has mastered standing on the bench, and is working on the not-falling aspects of getting to the top.

- Rhys is refusing to nap. Although she is obviously, and loudly, tired.

- While I was trying to get Rhys to sleep (by nursing her), Liam decided it was the perfect time. Perfect time to take a bottle of sunscreen, lace all the cats' water dishes with said sunscreen (not sure what the cats thought), see what sunscreen looks like in large gobs on the carpet (ugly), whether or not it makes the window sills slippery (it does), and what kind of reaction this will get from Papa (loud and laced with much cursing, in more than one language).

So, how's your day been?


Pat said...

Oh JJ hope your day gets better.

Amanda Winchester said...

Oooh, I've totally had days like that!! Hope it got better! I cannot believe that Rhys is 11 months seems like you just had her!

Jenn Di Paolo said...

Oooooh my! Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

famille1999 said...

Oh the fun of having two toddlers! *sigh* I'm happy that I'm done with that part whatever cute and cuddly side it might also have. :) I hope that your dd finally gets to sleep and that you have a better day today. :)

Claude said...

When I see you next, I'll give you an extra hug. Sounds like you need it!