Friday, September 19, 2008

I got to Crop!

My little princess Rhys is such a different baby from what her big brother was like. Tonight, at only 5 weeks old, she came to a crop with me, and slept a good part of the time in her car seat, and was a little charmer the rest of the evening. I actually got to crop and almost finished a complete page. (Liam was not that calm of a baby at 5 weeks, that's for sure!)

I can't post the page here yet - it's for a tournament at Scrapbook Dreamer. But I can post the link here.


Jessica said...

I love the layout!
The paper is really nice, i cant believe i havnt seen it yet!

barb said...

I'm so glad your little one is easy-going enough for you to take her to a crop. Wow! Enjoy! :)
And your LO... that's gorgeous. Such rich colours. Good luck with the contest!

Melanie said...

Your layout is stunning JJ, Im glad that Rhys is a easy baby and you can crop with her. lol

I used to Lillee up on the vibrating rocking bassinette when I scrapped right next to me.