Sunday, December 16, 2007

Over all, a Good Weekend (if you don't count the snow)

A couple of Good Things happened this weekend.

Friday night I went to a Pyjama Crop at Scrapbook Centrale. Now, I have to admit, I don't quite get the appeal of hanging around in your pj's to scrap - but I don't like to lounge around in my pj's at home, either - so I'm sure it's just one of my own little quirks. The nice thing about it was that it obviously appeals to lots of other people, because the place was a full house. That means there were lots of fun ladies and lots of laughs. Who wouldn't want to scrap in that atmosphere? I even got 4 1/2 pages done.

Saturday we had banking stuff to take care of, and the cool thing about that, is the new bank we're dealing with is open on Saturdays! We're totally not used to that, and that convenience factor is a huge bonus for us. You have to love it when a business like a bank looks for better ways to really serve it's customers' needs.

Saturday night we went out to dinner, and had a really nice meal. Liam had had a good nap at Starbucks, so he was in a good mood for the meal (always a plus). He didn't eat what I ordered for him, but he ate what I ordered for me, so I'm calling that a win. :)

Sunday - well, let's just say we got a lot of snow. A lot of snow. DH has been shoveling a couple of times already, and I think with all the wind that the driveway will be filled in again in the morning. *sigh*

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